Welcome to the O.U.G Print Sdn. Bhd.

O.U.G. Print Sdn. Bhd., is incorporated in year 2000. We manufacture, buy, sell, import, export, and act as agents to deal in all kinds of stuffs like plastic pen, souvenir ball pen, premium pen, umbrellas, caps, hats, bags, non-woven bags, handbags, sun screens, flags, toys, playthings, sport and leather goods. We also buy, sell, design, manufacture, import, export and exchange artificial flowers, bouquet and otherwise dealing with handicraft products of all kinds. Not to mention that we also carry on the business of gifts, hampers for all kinds of occasions.

We do carry on business of marketing or distributing goods or merchandise on behalf of wholesale dealers, manufacturers, or other person, and to sell or distribute goods and merchandise of all descriptions on behalf of wholesale dealers or manufacturers and also accept consignment of goods for sale or return and generally to carry on all kinds of agency business. Lastly we carry on the business of undertakers of and in all kinds of products, supplies, produce, work, services enterprises or projects and more

In O.U.G Printing, we provide wide range of printing services. Our service include Silkscreen Print, Laser Print, Pad Print, Rubber Print, Roller Print, CMYK Print & etc. Feel free to contact us if you running out of idea for the printing of your premium gift, it is our pleasure to provide the total premium gift printing solution.